Hello and welcome to my blog!

Maybe we should start with an introduction:

My name is Izzy, I’m 16 years old and live in England.

I love writing and have wanted to start a blog for ages but GCSEs and stuff sort of got in the way so now that it is officially summer (except that, at time of writing, it is raining – typical English weather) I have decided that the time is right to start writing. I have also decided that this blog is going to be rather chatty, as I find it easiest to write in that way and prefer to read blogs that use that style of writing so I hope you enjoy it as well. I’m not sure how often I will post, hopefully at least once a week but with the start of A levels in September looming it might be difficult to post at a regular time each week, however I shall do my best!

As I just mentioned, I am about to start Sixth Form to do my A levels which is nerve-wracking to say the least! I have chosen to do biology, chemistry and French which I’m so excited about but also slightly terrified as they all have a reputation of being very difficult subjects (my chemistry teacher said on multiple occasions that chemistry is the hardest A level) so I might use this blog to document my progress and share my feelings about A levels and Sixth Form in general?

In addition to A levels and other average stuff (in all honesty, I’m pretty boring) I also have obsessive compulsive disorder or OCD which makes life slightly more difficult, however I have decided that this year I am going to try my best to beat it. I may do a few mental health related posts on this blog as well, giving advice on self care and sharing things that have helped me so that other people can overcome any battles that they are facing.

On the whole, I’m pretty sure this blog is going to be quite random, it probably won’t follow a theme of any kind however I hope that you enjoy reading it and maybe even learn something(?).

And so it begins, the official start of my little corner of the internet that I shall use to be myself as much as possible 🙂

Au Revoir!